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Thank you for entering the GRASS (Grup de Recerca en Anàlisi eStadística de la Supervivència) website.

As members of the group, we want to offer a new site where you can find useful information about theoretical and practical matters when using the Survival Analysis Techniques or, generically, time analysis of an event.

Survival Analysis include a group of statistical methodologies, which are used in different fields of applied sciences. Both medicine and biology, agriculture and food technology , or research on labour market and sustainability of building materials comprise a field where data analysis may require the use of these techniques. Its common denominator is the study of time periods that are frequently unfinished concerning some individuals from the sample.

In this web site you will find publications, courses, seminars and technical notes from the group. You will also find information about activities (congresses, courses, seminars), links to websites as well as specific-use or general-use software on the Survival Analysis. We will progressively add new stuff in order to keep this site attractive and up-to-date for those who are interested or who work or are interested in this topic.

On the other hand, it is very important and enriching to us that the GRASS group be in touch with members of other research groups. We are especially interested in future interdisciplinary collaborations, so we are open to any suggestion and proposal. On the other hand, we intend to contribute in spreading knowledge as well as the correct use of the methodologies in the Survival Analysis scope.

From the GRASS group we strongly encourage you to get into this website whenever you want. We appreciate your participation, suggestions and proposals.