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R libraries

Name: globalGSA

Authors: Natalia Vilor, M.Luz Calle

Description: R Package that implements three different Gene set analysis (GSA) algorithms for combining the individual pvalues of a set of genetic variats (SNPs) in a gene level pvalue. The implementation includes the selection of the best inheritance model for each SNP.

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Name: mbmdr

Authors: Víctor Urrea, M.Luz Calle, Kristel van Steen, Núria Malats

Description: R Package that implements the Model Based Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MB-MDR) methodology proposed by Calle et al.(2008) for the analysis of interactions between genes, within the context of the genetic epidemiology.

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Authors: Víctor Urrea, M.Luz Calle

Description: R Package for the selection of variables using the Random Forest methodology and based on the AUC optimization of the ROC curve associated with the Random Forest.

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Name: FHtest

Authors: Ramon Oller, Klaus Langohr

Description: FHtest offers several tests for the comparison of two or more survival curves:

a) The Fleming-Harrington test for right-censored data based on permutations and on counting processes.

b) Extension of the Fleming-Harrington test for interval-censored data based on a permutation distribution and on a score vector distribution.

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Name: bwsurvival

Authors: Carles Serrat, Guadalupe Gómez, Victoria Moneta

Description: This R package implements the conditional survival function described in 'Nonparametric bivariate estimation for successive survival times' (C. Serrat and G. Gómez, 2007).

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